There is no denying that social media has become a mainstream part of American life. Recent statistics indicate that 79-percent of the population in the United States uses social media, that’s a two-percent reach from last year and equates to approximately 247 million social media users this year alone. If you are not using social media to generate new patient leads you could be leaving money on the table. So how exactly do you get the most out of popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for your practice? Here are five compelling reasons to start using these digital marketing solutions.

1. A tool to teach patients 

How many times have you heard a patient refer to WebMD about symptoms they are experiencing? Our guess is, a lot, if not daily. Social media can be used as a vehicle to educate patients about trending medical new stories, published articles by peers, or health observance months such as Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month in August.

 The reason why this works is your patients or prospective patients are getting reliable and    trustworthy information directly from the source. You can easily use the same post on different channels such as Instagram by adding hashtags and crafting your message to the channel’s specifications. 

2. Make a good impression

If you are regularly posting quality information and community awareness posts you are bound to gain new followers and make a GREAT first impression on an audience that has the potential to become your future patients. Studies have shown the average time an individual spends on your page is around 10-20 seconds before moving on. It’s important to craft your social media posts and images in ways that garner attention and are eye-catching to make those 10-20 seconds count for you!

3. Attract new patients

Word of mouth has always been a powerful tool and now it’s taken the digital world by storm. Patients who have an exceptional experience at your practice are bound to not only tell their friends and family but also write testimonials on your Facebook Page and other social media channels. Positive reviews from real patients are very telling and often the first place new visitors will go to learn about your practice. Make the reviews work for you by showcasing them in social posts such as #testimonaltuesdays. Studies have shown that 92-percent of visitors trust recommendations from sites Guiding potential patients by leveraging your testimonials in your content is an effective and smart strategy. 

4. Showcase your talent

It’s no surprise as physicians you are held at a higher standard than most. Spotlighting your team on social media is a great way to put your whole practice in a good light while highlighting your human and relatable side. Showcasing employees whether they did something extraordinary, or you simply want people to see the human side is effective because it gives your practice a “friendly face.” Consider posting a photo of the employee along with the spotlight for more reach. You will be able to establish your practice and staff as professionals while establishing a connection with prospective patients. Employee spotlights also inadvertently market your practice and also have a tendency to make employees feel valued, a win-win. While these posts can take more time to craft, they will prove valuable for everyone involved. Using your own staff to promote your practice is just as important as a boosted or paid advertisement. In fact, studies have shown 50-percent of individuals who use social media like, share, or comment on posts from their employer. 

5. Build your brand and awareness

The term social media is broad and evolving, almost on a daily basis, but one thing that hasn’t changed is its striking impact to promote your brand. When it comes to your medical practice it’s important to keep your branding consistent and visible. Try to think about your goals as a practice and what audience you are trying to target and hone in on the most appropriate social media channels to get your name out to prospective new patients. Here are some ideas to boost your practice.

  • Show personality (ads are great but people enjoy seeing a human side as well, shoot for a mix of the two.)
  • Use impactful images and add logos (there are many free royalty-free image sites out there to use).
  • Fine-tune your profile and make sure your photos are recognizable, make sure location, about us sections, and contact information are up-to-date. 
  • Post medical awareness tips, creative hashtags, and community posts. A mix of this type of well thought out content will give your practice a voice and tone.
  • Tag others: This is a simple way to start discussions and get individuals to share your posts which is free advertising. 
  • Hone in on your audience and tailor your social media campaign around messaging that will pinpoint those individuals. 

At Practice Dock, we offer online marketing solutions for Health, Medical and Wellness Practices. We focus on creating alluring health & medical websites with personality.

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