Online marketing is an ever changing landscape and marketing for health and medical websites requires specialized knowledge. To assist, we’ve launched this PracticeDock blog with the goal of helping you navigate the whitewater of your health and medical digital marketing program. With 224 million smartphone users, that program is evolving as mobile dominates the prospect conversion landscape.

We’ve compiled 5 best practice tips to increase conversion rates on your site:

  1. Optimizing websites across mobile
  2. Integrating social media into ads
  3. Adding blogs and videos
  4. “Near me” searches
  5. Adding customized images

Let’s explore these further so you can understand why each is important for your business.

1. Optimizing Websites Across Mobile

Because 60 percent of consumers are shopping with their smartphones, optimizing websites should be a top priority.  To increase conversions, your site should work effectively across all mobile devices for easy navigation. By testing your pages, analyzing feedback and looking at conversion rate optimization (CRO), this ensures your landing pages can help customers reach you. Converting your website to a mobile optimized website is by far the single most important thing you can do to improve your conversion rates.

2. Integrating Social Media Into Ads

About 91 percent of consumers go online to read reviews and comments before making decisions about a new business. When you post a blog, show patient comments or post reviews online, consumers will perceive added value when they see your business has been liked, tweeted or shared. It builds trust before their first visit.

3. Adding Blogs and Videos

Having a video or tutorial increases search rankings. That’s because Google likes to help consumers find the sites they are searching for online. Video marketing and advertising can also increase user engagement. Even if a video is a short clip about a service your practice offers, your message can help draw new patients to your site to learn more about your services.

Video benefits include:

  • Communicating your services
  • Engaging consumers and leading them to your site
  • Improving your SEO rankings
  • Helping you stand out from competitors who don’t utilize videos

4. “Near Me” Searches

People who are looking for you are not random. They want to stop in and schedule an appointment. With “near me” searches, your business benefits from traffic in your area from smartphones that can lead to higher ROI. Features like mobile-centric searches and pay per click (PPC) can give strategic insight about your audience.

To help with “near me” searches:

  • Ensure your business contact information is accurate, cross streets are included on maps, and customers can reach you if they are lost and call from smartphones.
  • Visualize a customer experience. Use your phone to view how your business looks to customers and make any necessary changes.
  • Know your competition. If other medical practices are running ads, research them. If you don’t, your customers may choose a competitor using PPC who ranks higher in searches.

5. Customized Images

An area where businesses fail is in the details. Ads should be optimized with your patients in mind. If you offer a consultation, images should reflect your particular type of business to help potential patients feel confident about their visit. How images are laid out on your landing pages is also important as your site should be optimized for various mobile platforms to ensure consistency on all pages.


Contact us here at PracticeDock to learn more about these conversion techniques and how you can implement them with your online marketing strategy.