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A website is essential for any medical or wellness business these days to generate business and simply have a presence. Having a blog is just as important as the website itself and is a versatile marketing tool for your business. Here are six reasons that having a blog alongside your website is a must.

Blogs Attract Traffic

Getting new clients to notice your business and book appointments is an essential part of any commercial strategy. This relies on attracting more hits on to your website with new content. If you have a blog, you can create some informative medical articles with search engine optimized phrases that get your business noticed faster on the internet. Inserting links to your website will also encourage click-through customers.

Blogs Showcase Work

If you are working with a research trial or are about to introduce a new treatment in the clinic, a blog is a great way to spread the news. You can also use it to showcase your staff and the work they do, and the results you have on treatment outcomes. By connected to social media, you can spread your work far and wide at the click of a button. If you are looking for the best company to promote a website, make sure they include blogs.

Blogs Promote Deals

A blog is a great way to promote a deal on specific treatments or therapies in your clinic. Simply write about the benefits of the treatment, include your offer and upload it to your blog, where it can spread via social media. By including a mailing list functionality you’ll collect names and emails you can use for a targeted email or newsletter in the future. Make sure your offer links to other items on the website so clients can see what other treatments are available in your clinic.

Blogs Are Great Messaging Tools

Health promotion is a vital part of any clinic work program. Using a blog to promote the benefits of giving up smoking before surgery or taking part in a fitness class after treatment are great examples of how your blog can help your clients and show you care about their health. Articles of interest like this will keep clients returning to the site to get more information.

Blogs Bring Out Creativity in Staff

Getting staff to use the blog to spread the word about treatments or health messages is an excellent way to get them involved in promoting the business and using their creative skills to attract clients. Short videos or pictorial materials are just a couple of examples where staff can have fun creating an article in the workplace that relates to their specialty.

Blogs Can Generate Income

One of the most important reasons for medical businesses to have a blog is that click-through activity can generate income. Links to books and other relevant items for sale can bring in small but regular sums of money. Reciprocal arrangements with other businesses connecting to your site is another way of getting money from converted sales from the click-through activity.

Blogs have many uses and are really versatile at promoting a medical business and informing people about health issues. Make sure your website has useful content and a blog that keeps people coming back for more information.

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